Sasige - Static Site Generator
Simple, lightning fast, text to websites and blogs.

So, what exactly is Sasige?

In one word: TextToWebsite. Sasige will generate static html files and a combination of these is your website. We give you the tools to make a blog alike website, to make a documentation website, to make what every you can imagine. This documentation website you currently read is, for sure, generated with Sasige.

Why Sasige?

We know that we are not the only one that give you such tool. But, we are the one (the only?) that use PHP is the script language. You probably know PHP. It's an easy to use and even easier to learn script language. It has the power to do everything. PHP was always designed to use it in combination with websites, so why not using it to generate a static website? If it's not enough, here some more advantages:

Feature overview