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A package.json is the metafile for a theme. It contains some basic theme information as well as configs and translations. You can provide your theme in multilanguage if you want.


Just have a look at a full packed file.

  "id": "sasige-docs",
  "name": "Sasige Docs Theme",
  "description": "This is the theme that is used by the sasige documentation website. The option `navigationPagesetTags` is used do determine which pages will show up in the navigation.",
  "github": "brainfoolong/sasige-docs",
  "option": {
    "navigationPagesetTags" : ["navigation"]
  "translation": {
    "en": {
      "menu": "Menu",
      "lastUpdated" : "Last updated"
    "de": {
      "menu": "MenĂ¼",
      "lastUpdated" : "Zuletzt aktualisiert"


What does each flag/key mean.

  • id The internal id for a theme. Should be unique when you publish it to the theme gallery
  • name Just the theme name
  • description A brief description for your theme and possible option values
  • github The github repository path
  • option A key/value object of theme options and their default values
  • translation A multidimensional key/value object of theme translation values