Themes - The design part

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The best content is just half the part of a website. The look and feel must be adjusted to your unique needs. This is where themes come in.

One theme at a time

Sasige support one theme in a project. You cannot mix different themes in one project. But, a theme itself can be customized to look and feel totally different from page to page.

Flexibility meets simplicity

Developing themes as almost the same as writing it in pure html/css/js. It just need some love to integrate it into Sasige.

Converting any 3rd party theme for Sasige

With some learning you should be able to convert every raw HTML theme for sasige. For a programmer this step may take not more than 15 minutes. We will have a video tutorial on that soon.

For developers

The most parts of the following information is all about how to create and integrate a theme. So, it's more technical than the other instructions.