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In Sasige you can configure almost everything to your needs. The power of Sasige is that it uses PHP. It give you the freedom to almost to everything what today's websites can do.


In your project folder you will find the config.php. This file contains the project general configuration like languages, general parser settings, ports, folders and all stuff like that. Here are all default's and a short description.

Config::setDefaultLanguage("en"); // if you do not define a language in the page than this is the default
Config::setThemeFolder("theme"); // the themes root directory
Config::setOutputFolder("public"); // where to put the generated website files
Config::setPagesFolder("pages"); // folder that contains the pages files
Config::setStaticFolder("static"); // folder that contains the static files that will be merged into the output folder
Config::setHideIndexHtmlInUrls(false); // if true than the string "index.html" will be removed when generate page links
Config::setServerPort(4433); // server port when use "sasige serve"