Basic usage

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Use the command line

Sasige is a command line tool that have some parameters and functions.


Just run the following command and you will find all required helpful parameters information that you need to work with Sasige.


You will get a similar output to that

Sasige - Nullix Static Site Generator v.0.1
Usage: sasige (build|watch|serve)
build      Generate and build the project into the public folder. WARNING: All files in the output folder will be deleted by this command
watch      Start a filewatcher that rebuild the project everytime a file in the project has changed
serve      Start a debug webserver on port 4433

So calling

./sasige/bin/sasige build

will build your project.

Notable hints

  • The public folder will be deleted and modified by Sasige everytime you build the project. Don't modify the files by hand, it will be deleted sometimes.
  • Use watch if you develop a theme, for example. It will automatically rebuild everything when you change a file in the project. Also when you change something fundamentaly (folder path's, config.php) than you have to kill the watch process and spawn a new.
  • Use serve NEVER in an production environment. It is for testing purposes only.